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Welcome to Linda’s Custom Stencils! Thanks for stopping by. Please visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for up to date pictures, and information our stencils!

We can create three types of Custom Stencils

1-Reusable 7mm Plastic Stencils with Self Adhesive Backing 

2- Reusable Heavy Paper with Self Adhesive Backing 

3- Reusable Heavy Duty Vinyl with Self Adhesive Backing. 

Linda is happy to help you choose which Stencil is best for your project.

We can help you personalize custom Stencils perfect for your logos, parties, glass etching, or glass sand-blasting!

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Check out youtube.com/stencib for videos!

No Minimum Orders!

Contact me at altman@lindacibula.com for questions and orders.

After contacting altman@lindacibula.com you can purchase your order through PayPal:

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